Can you believe that there is no harm in Smoking Haryanvi hookah? Know why hookah is preferred by Jats?

Today in this article we will see the love of the people of Haryana for Hookah.

Hookah is considered as “Pride of Haryana”. People in Haryana do not do any other intoxicants such as drugs but hookah is like their first love. They can’t get away from it even if they want to quit too. It seems like the addiction to Hookah is like it comes from DNA.

The people of Haryana are so fond of hookah that if they do not get hookah, it means that they are not getting oxygen. Haryana’s brotherhood is intact with hookah. “Hookah Baithak” has a different level of fun there. 2 puffs of the hookah are required to open their eyes in the morning. In Haryana, pollution from vehicles is less than pollution of the smoke from a hookah.


There are many places in Haryana where hookah was not stopped even in the Corona pandemic also. So from here, you can guess what hookah is for them. It has many positive effects as well as many negative ones.

The positive effect is that the generation of Punjab is getting spoiled due to drugs, But hookah does not have such a bad effect on anyone. It’s better than drugs addiction. Hookah is considered as a “ Sign of unity”.

The negative effect is that people do not do any work in the pursuit of hookah, they keep on smoking hookah all day. Moreover, Addiction to some good things also has an adverse effect on our health and society too.


Keeping this concept in mind, the official_Khhapitar page has made this post on Instagram. The editing of this post is very funny. The rest of the posts on this page is also very interesting and humorous in Haryanvi language.

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