Do you about Manisha Sharma and Rahul Kadyan collaborating in their next song titled “GLOCK’’?

Manisha Sharma and Rahul Kadyan both are popular singers in the Haryanvi music industry who have a lot of followers.

Their passion for singing just out the world. They both have delivered a great piece of art to the public, which is why everybody loves them. Their latest track “Glock” has released few hours go and it has been viral since then. The beats and the videography are just up to the mark. As soon as the video was out, the fans got surprised and happy to listen to this song. The video of the song is brought to you by Royal Music Factory. Royal music factory is one of the highly prestigious Music labels of the industry.

The lead actor and actresses of the song are Rahul Kayan and Sonika Singh. This is the first time when we will get to see their on-screen Jodi. The videos of this song are very amazing and the audience is loving their chemistry. The music is by a beat rascal. The interesting fact about this song is that it is written and by Rahul and kadyan himself. Glock “ is a very bold song with great music and is especially famous among the youth.

If you haven’t seen this song, then you really missed something good. So please and have a look at it.

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