Drolling Version Of Diler Kharakiya and Anjali Raghav. Must Watch inside.

As we all are familiar with the beautiful bond shared by Diler Kharakiya and Anjali Raghav. Both are talented artists of the Haryanvi Music Industry. As they appeared together in many songs such as Lilo Chaman, Baba Ji, Sapna 2 and many more.

Their chemistry is liked by the public on-screen and off-screen too. Many times they shared their cute pictures and reels together on their Instagram handle. This shows their affection and love for each other.

Diler Kharakiya engages well with his fan following through social media. He always updates his fans through his post and captions. Similarly, Diler Kharakiya recently uploaded a hilarious reel with Anjali Raghav in which both are looking so good. He used an old 60s song “Acha to hum chalet hai” by Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kumar in the background. These songs are never out of trend.

The hilarious part about this reel is that they forgot the last lyrics of the song and it becomes a blooper but a cute one. Their chemistry is ideal for many couples nowadays. Their chemistry is a great combination of friendship and love. There are very few pairs like them, God bless their lifelong bonding.

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