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    Peddler Media Catch Up With Dev Kumar Deva, Here are a few highlights from the talk.

    In just a small talk with Dev Kumar Deva, Peddler Media can say without any second thoughts that he is surely one of the successful artists and kind and humble souls from Haryana. His tone throughout the interview was sweet and kind.

    Beginning of the Journey

    He has a wife and two children. He has also worked as an actor. But there was a time when the Haryanvi Film Industry dropped down below levels. YouTube became a new trend in 2009 and even more in 2011. More and more people started switching to creating more and more content on youtube.

    Few of his acquaintances and seniors motivated and encouraged him to at least give singing a try in his life. He was an actor, and actors are good at lipsyncing songs. One of the reasons why people pushed him to actually sing songs was the belief that he might even sing better than just lip-syncing the songs.

    His journey started off with just a click in his life. he practised for a few days and gave it a shot. He recorded his first song in Kokila studio in Rohtak, Haryana. You must have heard “Hookah Bharlia”. Yes, you read it right. this was his first song that became a super-duper hit. That song turned out to be the turning point in his life. The kind of response he got, encouraged him, even more, to create more for such an audience. He says, “Log pyaar krte hai, main aage bhadta rehta hu”. It’s the love and support that makes an artist an artist.

    Actor and a Singer

    He is in a true sense a performer. He has been in the main lead of all his songs and he has been working in movies as well. He recently worked in a Punjabi movie that was released just before the coronavirus took over the world. He proudly says that he has also been signed up for a Haryanvi Crime Series “First Mother”. But everything stands still due to the pandemic situation. He is eagerly waiting to work on this web series.

    He believes that singers have taken over Haryana after the downfall of the film industry. The hype of becoming a singer in a flourishing industry is felt in every village and district. So he is a real Performer. He is a singer as well as a good Actor. One cannot imagine a person so talented to be so down to earth. He is surely one of a kind.

    Singing Life

    He has worked as the male lead in almost all his songs. To name a few of his famous songs. On the top with 77 million views and without any doubt an amazing song is Saali Aja Atariya. Killer Queen, Sunariya Jail, Laadli, and more.

    He has worked with more than 7 music labels. Some of them namely are Sono-Tek, Mor Haryanvi, Saga Music Haryanvi, T-Series Apna Punjab, Chandni Records, Punjabi Buggy, and many many more.

    Peddler Media asks him,’ Which female lead have you worked with the most, to which he has an endless list. You see how he has worked with so many artists, directors, music labels, lyricists, production houses. This shows how experienced he is in his career path.

    He has worked with Sapna Choudhary in more than half a dozen videos as the female face on camera. Other than her, he has also worked with Anjali Raghav,  Anamika Bawa. He has worked with other female singers for a male-female duet like Anu Kadiyan. “ I have worked with almost every female lead actress that came to Haryanvi Music Industry over the last 10 years of my singing career”, he adds.

    Recently, Killer Queen, a Punjabi song was released. It is a duet song with Miss Pooja who added her beautiful voice for the Punjabi part and him singing the Haryanvi Part.

    Favourite from his own playlist

    What is the most favourite song from your own collection of songs? To this question, he could not resist mentioning ‘ Saali Aaja Atariya’ which stands for the song that brought him the name and fame in the industry. This song proves to be his due to emotional factors as well due to the kind of response it had got on this video. Close to a billion!

    His views on Haryanvi Music Industry and a message to the youth

    He never knew that singing as a career would offer him things which his career in the acting field could not. There was a time when the daily wage for an actor was just 300-400 Rs. After social media and youtube came into existence, the world took on another journey that has no end. Haryanvi Music Industry got its biggest medium for growth.

    According to him, the Haryanvi Music Industry is the biggest and fastest-growing industry all over the globe. This is true, the response, audience, crowd, the number of artists are increasing exponentially without any breaks. There are more and more artists who want to come up front and offer their talent to this industry. The song ‘52 gaj Ka Dman’ has broken all records being the most viewed song over 927 million in a very short span of time. This proves to be fruitful for the industry.

    There are many young artists who seek information and a chance to sing and become famous, what suggestion do you have for them?

    Being the person that he is, he realizes the importance of having people hold your hand takes you forward. he says, ”Tum Ek kadam badhao, hum tumhara hath pakad ke khushi khushi aage leke jayenge, bs tumhari ek us chalang ki der hai”. This is the biggest motivation a great singer like him can give to anybody.

    He is actually working with a new artist as the lyricist. he just mailed him the lyrics. And guess what? he gets to work with one of the amazing singers of the Haryanvi Industry. What are you all waiting for? Seet your mind and go achieve it. Artists are here to help you.

    “Main apne sare iss Industry mein aane vale Bhaiyo ko bht dil se, acha krne ki dua deta hu”. It was indeed an inspiring and lovely talk with him.


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