Top Haryanvi Tracks of 2021

Spotify Top Haryanvi Tracks of 2021

Haryanvi songs are on everyone’s lips these days, and as you all know, Haryanvi songs have become a well-known music industry in music industry after 2017 which is due to many reasons, as Haryanvi artists put their music quite well. has made. Apart from this, due to the digital change happening in India, not only Haryana but people living outside Haryana and who like the Haryanvi language are now getting Haryanvi songs.

Now let’s talk about Spotify, which is a popular online music streaming app, Spotify makes the list of 50 biggest songs listened on the app for the last month of the year. You can guess the growing popularity of Haryanvi music that a separate category has been created in the list of 2021, which has been named as Top Haryanvi Tracks of 2021.

Spotify has created a playlist of 3 hours 37 minutes in which there are total 38 songs, the name of the playlist is Top Haryanvi Tracks of 2021, the most listened Haryanvi songs of 2021 have been added to this playlist, the amazing thing is that Haryana Veteran artist Rajendra Kharkiya and his son Diler Kharkia have the most in the song.

Haryanvi singer Diler Kharkiya and Renuka Panwar’s thank you song is the most listened to on Spotify in 2021, followed by Masoom Sharma and Renuka Panwar’s Rampyari song at number two, Renuka Panwar is the most melodious female singer of Haryana. This is the reason why his voice is one of the most listened to songs of Haryana.

Know which are the Haryanvi songs that were most listened to in 2021.

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