The Peasant Movement That Arose From Punjab Got its Strength From Haryana

The farmers’ movement in opposition to the three agricultural laws may have started from Punjab, but the movement got its strength from Haryana. The strength that the movement got from Haryana was recorded in history. The centre of the peasant movement was also the Tikri and Kundli border of Haryana. After 28 January, Rakesh Tikait’s stature increased among the agitating leaders, it was felt that the main platform of the movement would now be shifted to Ghazipur, but even after this, all the small and big decisions of the United Kisan Morcha were taken from the Kundli border of Haryana.

During the movement, once the number of farmers on the borders fell down, but the agitation of the farmers in Haryana continued throughout the year. Whether it is about opposing the Chief Minister’s program at the beginning of the year and getting it cancelled or against the Rajya Sabha MP Ramchandra Jangra in Hisar before the end of the movement. The leaders of BJP-JJP had to face the opposition of farmers time and again. In the movement, the farmers saw all seasons, winter-summer-rain. At the same time, even during the Corona epidemic, the farmers remained standing at the agitation site.

During this political stir in Haryana also increased. Congress also brought a no-confidence motion in the House. But he could not stand before the alliance. During the movement, many times there was a situation of confrontation. The 26 January incident also weakened the movement for once. But after Rakesh Tikait became emotional, the farmers of Haryana again stood firmly in the movement.

According to the police records, 276 cases were registered in Haryana in which about two thousand names and about 48 thousand unknown farmers were registered during the farmers’ agitation. However, according to the agreement to suspend the movement, the government has started cancelling the case.

After the cancellation of the Prime Minister’s three agricultural laws and agreeing to the demands, on December 11, the farmers also postponed the agitation and returned to their homes, taking out the Fateh March. The stature of the peasant leaders also increased during the movement. These include Gurnam Singh Chaduni, Suresh Kauth, Abhimanyu Kohad and some other youth leaders.

CM’s helicopter was not allowed to land at the venue in Karnal, the program had to be cancelled On January 10, 2021, local MLA Harvinder Kalyan organized a Kisan Mahapanchayat in village Kamila of Karnal district of Haryana. Many leaders including the Chief Minister, BJP President were to participate in it. The chief minister was about to arrive by helicopter, but the agitating farmers opposed the programme.

The Khap Panchayats of Haryana also had special cooperation during the farmers’ movement. The Khap Panchayats openly came out in support of the movement and decided to follow the decisions of SKM. During the agitation in Haryana, Khaps also contributed in the Mahapanchayats.

When the farmers of Punjab reached Haryana during the farmer’s movement, Haryana supported them shoulder to shoulder like a younger brother. The farmers of Punjab had brought ration water to the movement with full preparation, yet there was no shortage of milk, lassi and ration water from the Haryana side. After living together on the Kundli and Tikri borders for so long, the mutual brotherhood between the farmers of Punjab and Haryana strengthened. Along with this, the interaction with the farmers of West UP also increased.

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