“Haryana Wale Hain” is the perfect song to represent the Haryanvi culture

Haryana Wale Hain

In recent years we have noticed that music has become a very big part of a person’s life. It can simply bring spontaneity and excitement into your drives and homes, especially during parties, outings, and tours. Music is an art itself it holds the power to make people feel emotions whether you are happy or sad. Ram Goel, a rising Indian singer is one such artist who creates music that can simply make anyone hit the dance floor.

Ram’s ability to combine different genres of music makes his songs so popular in the current generation. Through this unique mixture of different music genres, he creates catchy songs which become quite trendy among his fans. All of his songs are going to songs when it comes to parties, discos and pubs.

One of his songs “Haryana Wale Hain” which was released last year was an instant hit after its release. The song goes from disco genre to a retro genre within a minute. it takes you from one genre to another making you feel different emotions with minutes. The song is all about making people born in Haryana celebrate their birth through this catchy track.

“Haryana Wale Hain” is the perfect song that describes the state of Haryana and its people. If you are a part of it, you will definitely find it relatable. Besides the amazing composition and vocals, the background music is also astounding. If you want a song to be played repeatedly in a wedding without the audience getting bored, this song is your go-to. If you have never been to Haryana or Punjab, you might not know the intensity of wedding celebrations held there.

They are treated as equivalent to national festivals. It is the time when two people of different backgrounds unify into one. It is the time to celebrate true love. Haryanvis love to celebrate this event grandly, thus projecting its importance in their lives.


About five lakh diyas will be lit in the Deepotsav program on December 14.

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