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    Haryanvi Fresh Hits: New Releases in the 1st Week of November 2023

    Are you a fan of Haryanvi music? If so, you’re in for a treat as the Haryanvi music scene continues to deliver fresh and exciting songs to keep your playlists updated.

    In the first week of November 2023, several talented artists released new tracks that are making waves in the industry.

    Let’s dive into the latest Haryanvi songs that are capturing hearts and setting trends.

    1. System Tagda – Amanraj Gill

    Kicking off our list is Amanraj Gill with his latest track “System Tagda.” Amanraj’s powerful vocals and catchy beats make this song a must-listen for Haryanvi music enthusiasts. The song is gaining popularity for its relatable lyrics and energetic vibe.

    2. Trala- Sapna Choudhary x Shiva Choudhry

    Sapna Choudhary and Shiva Choudhry have teamed up to bring us “Trala.” This dynamic duo’s collaboration has created a foot-tapping number that’s perfect for those who love to dance. With Sapna’s mesmerizing dance moves, “Trala” is a hit in the making.

    3. Nehar Wale Pull Te – Upasna Gahlot

    Upasna Gahlot’s “Nehar Wale Pull Te” is a soulful and melodious addition to the Haryanvi music scene. The song’s heartfelt lyrics and Upasna’s soul-stirring voice make it a perfect choice for those quiet moments when you want to relax and unwind.

    4. JAATNI ROHTAK KI – Raj Mawar x Shiva Chaudhary

    Raj Mawar and Shiva Chaudhary have come together to deliver a high-energy track with “JAATNI ROHTAK KI.”

    5. Brand New – DG IMMORTALS

    “Brand New” by DG IMMORTALS is a fresh track that showcases the evolution of Haryanvi music. With its modern sound and compelling lyrics, it’s a perfect choice for those looking for something unique and trendsetting.

    6. Haryana Dekhungi – Manjeet Dagar

    Manjeet Dagar’s “Haryana Dekhungi” is a song that speaks to the love and admiration for the state. The song is not just an auditory delight but also a visual treat, with its music video showcasing the beauty of Haryana.

    7. Gaama Aale Chhore – Sanjeet Saroha x Kabir

    “Gaama Aale Chhore” is a fun and lively collaboration between Sanjeet Saroha and Kabir. This song is all about enjoying life, and its catchy tune and spirited lyrics will surely get you in a festive mood.

    8. Bahadurgarh Ki Chhori – Harsh Gahlot

    Harsh Gahlot‘s “Bahadurgarh Ki Chhori” pays homage to the spirited and vibrant women of Bahadurgarh. The song’s peppy beats and Harsh’s charismatic vocals are sure to get you grooving.

    9. Nada Jubedar – RENUKA PANWAR x DEV KUMAR DEVA

    “Nada Jubedar” is a song that brings together the talents of RENUKA PANWAR and DEV KUMAR DEVA. With its catchy tune and electrifying energy, this track is a hit on the rise.

    10. Pardhangi – Sunny Kahlon

    Sunny Kahlon’s “Pardhangi” wraps up our list of fresh Haryanvi hits. This song is all about love and relationships, and Sunny’s vocals beautifully convey the emotions that come with it.

    The Haryanvi music industry continues to impress us with its fresh and diverse offerings. The first week of November 2023 has brought us a fantastic lineup of songs that cater to various moods and tastes. Whether you’re in the mood for dance-worthy beats, soulful melodies, or relatable lyrics, these songs have something for everyone.

    So, update your playlist and immerse yourself in the world of Haryanvi music with these latest releases. Don’t miss out on the trendsetting tracks that are sure to become your new favorites. Enjoy the music!


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