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    Who is Humza Yousaf? The rise and fall of a first minister

    In a whirlwind of political events, Humza Yousaf’s tenure as Scotland’s first minister has ended abruptly after just 13 months in office. His journey from being hailed as a continuity candidate to facing staunch criticism and ultimately resignation is a saga that reflects the intricacies and challenges of leadership in modern Scotland.

    Early Life and Career:

    Humza Yousaf, the son of Pakistani immigrants, became Scotland’s first ethnic minority and Muslim leader of a devolved government when he assumed office in March 2023. His background resonated with the diversity of modern Scotland, having experienced racist abuse throughout his life. Yousaf’s political journey began during his university days, inspired by figures like Alex Salmond and Bashir Ahmad. He quickly rose within the ranks of the SNP, becoming an MSP at the age of 26

    Ministerial Roles and Challenges:

    Yousaf’s tenure as a minister was not without controversy. He faced criticism over various issues, including the performance of ScotRail, the implementation of a hate crime bill, and his handling of sensitive matters like sectarian language in sports. Despite these challenges, supporters highlighted achievements such as the completion of the Queensferry Crossing under budget and falling crime rates.

    Election as First Minister:

    When Nicola Sturgeon announced her resignation, Yousaf emerged as the candidate poised to continue her progressive agenda. He emphasized challenging the UK government’s stance on gender recognition reforms and maintaining the partnership with the Scottish Greens.

    Troubled Tenure and Resignation:

    Yousaf’s leadership faced immediate challenges, including investigations into SNP funding and internal party issues. His decision to end the power-sharing agreement with the Scottish Greens marked a significant departure from Sturgeon’s legacy. This move triggered backlash and ultimately led to his resignation as first minister.

    Legacy and Future of the SNP:

    As Yousaf’s tenure ends, the SNP faces another leadership contest amidst a challenging political landscape. The party’s path forward remains uncertain, with upcoming elections looming and polls indicating potential struggles ahead.


    Humza Yousaf’s tenure as Scotland’s first minister encapsulates the complexities of leadership and the ever-evolving dynamics of Scottish politics. His story reflects broader themes of diversity, governance, and the delicate balance of political alliances. As the SNP charts its course forward, Yousaf’s legacy leaves a lasting imprint on Scotland’s political landscape.


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