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    6 Memeworthy ‘B-Grade’ Songs That Came Out Of Nowhere And Went Viral Like Crazy

    Let’s be honest, with so many languages, music streaming services and some really good singers and musicians, we are not really facing a dearth of options when it comes to good music.

    Arijit Singh

    And yet, we cannot help but get hooked to some bizarre, out of place, and sometimes very problematic songs. Call it a guilty pleasure, or actual pleasure, but some of our choices should really make us reconsider our whole lives.

    We take a look at a few cringe songs which went viral for very bizarre reasons, but we can’t stop humming.

    1. Bachpan Ka Pyaar

    We start with the most recent one, Bachpan Ka Pyaar. The original song was released on YouTube over 3 years ago, but all of a sudden, it gained massive popularity after a 2-year-old video of a boy named Sahdev Dirdo went viral. Heck, Chhattisgarh’s CM, Bhupesh Bhugel actually felicitated the boy.

    Here’s the original version of the song, sung in Hindi by a Gujrati singer, Kamlesh Barot – 

    2. Rinkia Ke Papa

    The memes that this song had generated were hilarious. Although, not as hilarious and catchy as the song. We genuinely wonder what made this song pop on all of our radars, after almost 5-6 years of its release.

    PS – Here’s one of our most favourite versions of this song in a meme, that combines two cultural phenomena.

    3. Baby Beer Peeke

    Still can’t believe that a mainstream politician actually sang this song. Ignoring the blatant sexism that was there in the song, the meme-worthiness of this gem of a piece knew no bounds, especially during the 2019 Delhi Elections. Again, it is baffling that how a six-year-old ‘B-grade’ music video became the talk of the town.

    4. Its My Life – Vennu Mallesh

    This gem of a piece was written, composed and sung by a guy called Vennu Mallesh. Now, it isn’t as catchy as the rest of the stuff here, but it is damn funny. Remember when Whatsapp was pretty new and iOS users had to pay annually for WhatsApp? This was the song that was forwarded like crazy.

    5. Aye Raja Raja Kareja Me Samaja

    Believe it or not, but T-series, the world’s most subscribed YouTube Channel, actually produced and recorded this song. Don’t ask us what the song is going on about, we are simply not capable of doing that. The song is epic because of its meme-ability, and how viral it went.

    6. I-spider Man

    It is not Spiderman, but I-Spiderman, who steals everyone’s ‘dil ka chain.’ This was a song that was maximum cringe and maximum fun all at the same time. The sheer number of times we laughed out like mad people while listening to this one is just countless.


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