Shahnaz Gill remembered childhood, shared the photo and said- Life was so simple

Actress Shehnaaz Gill, who became famous from ‘Bigg Boss 13’, is known for her cool Maula style and carefree. His style in the show made millions of people crazy. Shahnaz, who laughs all the time and keeps her words in a very cute way, is remembering her old days. The actress has shared a cute photo of her childhood on social media, which is becoming fiercely viral.

Fans were in awe of baby Shehnaaz Gill

Shahnaz Gill has shared a baby photo of her on Twitter. Putting a hairband in short hair, wearing a denim frock, posing while looking at the camera, Shahnaz looks cute in this childhood picture too. By sharing this photo clicked in the studio, what the actress has written in the caption is enough to tell about her state of mind. Shehnaz wrote, ‘Then everything was so wonderful .. and life was so simple !!’.

Shahnaz’s fan wrote an emotional message

Seeing this picture of Shahnaz, the fans commented a lot and praised the actress. How much this photo is being liked, you can guess from this that more than 28 thousand people have liked this picture of 3 March. A fan has written a very emotional message ‘Whenever you feel demotivated in your life, remember that many people smiled because of you, take care of your millions of fans and yourself, keep spreading positivity and happiness

‘Sidnaz’ pair broke up!

Shahnaz Gill robbed the hearts of the fans with his frankness during the show ‘Bigg Boss 13’. The audience’s favourite Shahnaz Gill had good chemistry with late actor Siddharth Shukla during the show. Fans started liking both of them so much that both of them were named ‘Sidnaz’. But it is very sad that the untimely death of Siddharth made Shahnaz upset.

Shahnaz remembered childhood days

Shahnaz Gill feels herself quite alone. That’s why he is remembering the days of childhood carelessness and simplicity. Shahnaz was called by Salman Khan on the stage of ‘Bigg Boss 15’, even at that time Shahnaz cried remembering Siddharth, Salman had tears in his eyes too.

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