Sweta Chauhan and Kay D will be seen together in another track titled “Mahabharat” by Masoom & Manisha.

Haryanvi rising stars Masoom and Manisha are up coming up with their next song ‘Mahabharat’ starring Kay D and Sweta Chauhan. Sweta Chauhan and Kay D are some of the most adorable on-screen Jodi of the Haryanvi music industry. Both of them are seen in many songs together, now they are back again in the song ‘Mahabharat to amaze us with their unique talent and astonishing personality. ‘Abhi toh sabko lag rha tha ki Ldhai hogi , par ab sidha Mahabharat hogi’ .

The poster of this song was revealed a few hours ago on Instagram. It is very unique and it has bold look. It created a lot of enthusiasm among the public. All of the people are excited to see the chemistry between Kay D and Sweata. The date of the song has not been finalized but the poster says it will be released very soon. If you have not seen the poster yet, go and have a look and keep on sharing. The lyrics are written by Harry Lather. The video is created by Deepesh Goyal.

Make this song a super hit track of all time!


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