Saturday, September 23, 2023

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Top Youtubers From Haryana

In day to day life, everybody wants to become successful in life. And most people end up doing jobs. So today we will talk about our most famous “Haryanvi YouTubers”.
YouTube is a type of business that starts with 0% investment but it takes time and talent.

So today I will talk about the top 13 YouTubers from Haryana:

  1. Andi Chhore

we get to see most comedy videos. Their total subscribers are 4.97 lakhs.


There are most comedians type videos. The total subscribers are 4.98 lakhs.

3. Swadu Staff Films

We get to see “Kala Dhola” and “Leela” comedy videos. Their subscribers are 6.26 lakhs.

4. Kale ki galat family

Kalu and Lilu are the main characters. And they perform comedy videos. Their subscribers are 7.14 lakhs.

5. Lovish Arnaicha

He got famous on the green screen. And now he is having 9.48 lakh subscribers.

6. Desi Manch

Their subscribers are 11.2 lakh subscribers. They also play comedy videos.

7. Hunny Sharma

His real name is Shubham Sharma. He was born in Gurugram, Haryana. His YouTube subscribers are 2.3 million.

8. Half Engineer

His real name is Manish Sharma. He was also born in Haryana. His subscribers are 24.9 lakhs.

9. Basant Jangra

He makes prank videos on YouTube. His total subscribers are 27.4 lakhs.

10. Lalit Shokeen

He also makes comedy videos. His YouTube subscribers are 33 lakhs.

11. Elvish Yadav

He was born in Haryana. He has 2 channels “Elvish Yadav Vlogs” whose subscribers are 23.8 lakhs and “Elvish Yadav” whose subscribers are 82.4 lakhs.

12. Rachit Rojha

His comedy is also very impressive. His subscribers are 92.7 lakhs.

13. Carryminati

He’s the most famous YouTuber not only in Haryana but also in the whole of India. His End Game video was rocking. At this time his is with 3.3 crore subscribers.


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