When Haryanvi’s enjoy Hukka in Pushkar

Only two things are famous in Haryana one is “Jaat” and the other is “Hukka”. And where both are together, then it’s a deadly combination you haven’t seen before.

So today in this article we will talk about their combination which we got to see in Pushkar. By the way, it is said that wherever the Jats of Haryana go, they leave their mark. The people of Haryana have always been noticed in every tourist place. They neither change their language nor their style in public or anywhere, people from other states also join them, they are very fun-loving.

They never forget their hukka and you have got to see hukka in Cars quite often, so understand that it is a Jaat. So we got to see something similar in Pushkar too.

Pushkar is the city of the temple in Ajmer district and it is a pilgrimage site for Hindus and Sikhs. Pushkar is famous for its annual fair featuring a trading fete of cattle, horses and camels.

It is held over seven days in autumn marking Kartika Purnima in the month of October or November. It attracts many tourists from Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan as well. So, this month is favourable to visit Pushkar due to pleasant weather and Pushkar Fair curiosity and excitement attracts many people all around the globe. So, Hindu Jats from Haryana are also very excited for Pushkar Fair’s Glory.

Here are some pictures in which Jaat from Haryana are enjoying the reels of Instagram with hukka in Pushkar. Check it out.

Since the closure of Tiktok, Instagram Reels has attracted a lot of people from every age group. Earlier Jaats used to enjoy doing talks related to society, politics with hukka but now with the advent of technology, everyone is engrossed in their Instagram reels.

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