When Nargis Got Too Tired Of Kissing Emraan Hashmi

Nargis Kissing Emraan Hashmi

‘I Didn’t Enjoy As Much As He Did’, When Nargis Got Too Tired Of Kissing Emraan Hashmi

Bollywood star Emraan Hashmi is known to be the industry’s ‘serial kisser’ for a reason, with the actor getting the tag after romancing and kissing actresses on-screen in so many movies over the last decades.

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Even his sports film Azhar, which was based on the life of ex-Indian cricketer Mohd Azharuddin, the actor had kissing scenes in that movie as well.

The movie’s plot surrounded Azhar Mohammad’s journey from being a child from a middle-class family to becoming an eminent cricketer for his country India, while also having match-fixing accusations against him.

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The 2016 movie starring Bollywood actresses Nargis Fakhri and Prachi Desai ended up getting mixed reviews from fans as well as critics.

While the movie was more cricket-centric, it appeared that its high number of kissing scenes got to Nargis Fakhri, with the actress revealing not ‘enjoying it’ much.

Nargis, who played the role of Mohd Azharuddin’s second wife Sangeeta Bijlani, was first off not so psyched about Emraan’s moustache in the film.

“He’s done that a lot. For me, it was pretty gross. You see that moustache (points at the film’s poster)? How do I know that’s not made from pubic hair? I had to kiss that. Not once, several times. The moustache was annoying as hell. I really didn’t know what was happening, had no clue about the subject as you know I am not from here. I didn’t know who Azhar was, what he had done. I agreed because I felt I could portray the character well. I have done the best I can with the source I had- Bijlani’s previous films.” said Nargis, while speaking to Huffingtonpost.

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Nargis, who had earlier spoken about the casting couch in Bollywood, then also added on how there were far too many kissing scenes in the movie, and how she couldn’t really enjoy them.  

“I probably didn’t enjoy the song as much as he did. Lots of kissing happened. In fact, there was so much of it that at one point I wasn’t sure if they were retakes, a part of the song, or someone playing a prank on me.” said Nargis, while speaking to Mumbai Mirror.   

Source: Mumbai Mirror

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