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    7 New Hit Haryanvi Songs That Need To Be On Everyone’s Playlist

    If the valentine days blues are getting to you and you have basically heard every song on your list, watched everything on Netflix and Prime and perished all edible items in the fridge, then you’re probably looking for that ‘what next’ thing in your life. We can’t predict what you will do in your life but we surely can predict which new Haryanvi songs can totally make it to your playlist. Here are 7 new recommendations for you:

    1. Kacha Badam

    This one is already a viral track, courtesy of the amounts of reels being made on it on Instagram. Bhuban Badyakar Viral Video and Amit Dhull are back with his personal style of a peppy number which serves well as a background score for dancing, or even if you are cleaning the house.

    2. Kabootar

    This one has been on every wedding list and our prediction is, it will continue to be a wedding banger.

    3. 2 Numbari

    Manisha Sharma and Masoom Sharma’s power packed song is fast, rocking and needs no introduction if you are already a fan of these artists.

    4. RAINBOW

    What list is complete without Mr. KHASA AALA CHAHAR? The guy is out of his hibernation and his new tracks are already a hit amongst his fans. The aesthetic vibes of this song is very colourful and also features famous artist Sweta Chauhan, so it’s a double whammy.

    5. Jija Jija

    Amit Saini Rohtakiya is here with ‘Jija Jijal’ which gave me a sense of déjà vu as it is similar to badass vibes. Nevertheless, a good addition to your playlist.

    6. Teri Rahungi

    This is another romantic number by Naam Tera singer Ndee Kundu. The silky voice is the perfect backdrop setting for a date night with bae or in case you are missing someone.

    7. Badmash Pakka

    This one is perfect and the video has the Haryanvi rustic vibe of ‘Amanraj Gill’ straight out of a Haryanvi village.


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