Friday, December 8, 2023

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    Jalwayu Enclave Trailer Review: Gurjazz Impresses, Film Seems Like A Fun & Light Entertainer

    The trailer for ‘Jalwayu Evclave’, a romantic film dropped recently. The film is written and directed by Thaparr and produced by Gabbar Sangrur under the banner of ‘Theatre Army Films’.

    Coming to my review, firstly, the film marks the debut of Punjabi singer Gurjazz. The film pairs a quite unforeseen pairing that is Gurjazz and the Punjabi model Monica Sharma. So after seeing the usual onscreen couplings, the fresh pairing is a treat for one’s eyes As far as the topic is concerned, although it has been widely explored since the pandemic, but this seems to be a new take on it especially in the Punjabi industry, specifically linking it to the romance genre.

    It looks like a breezy love story, but a major surprise was when we saw Gurjazz acting so naturally, that left us wondering why he hasn’t been noticed till now; especially since he’s been a part of the industry for quite a few years now!

    Monica Sharma though is impressive in her acting but we were disappointed with the way she looks on-screen. The way she was presented was not as glamorous as we’ve seen her earlier in music videos and her make-up could be defined as ‘subtly glamorous’. So she could use a little upliftment in her make-up.

    Not only this, the supporting actors shown during the trailer, specifically Mintu Kapa, add another element of comedy to the story. The little punchlines not just make you go ‘Ha!’ but also add another dimension to the trailer.

    Though we know what the film holds for us but we would still like to see what the star cast brings to the table and how they do so.

    The film does seem to be shot at a low budget, as we can see quite a few locations that have been already explored; the production value seems to be lower than a usual Punjabi film has. However, a justification for this could be the lockdown restrictions and lack of access while this film was shot. Still, the production value is something that is evident

    Also, the soundtrack that is playing in the background of the trailer is breezy and light which adds value without disrupting the viewer’s attention.

    Overall, this is a refreshing debut and our expectations from Gurjazz are pretty high after seing the trailer. We hope to see more of him and it would be even better if we saw different shades of him rather than sticking to one charater type.

    If you still haven’t, watch the trailer here:


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