Ndee Kundu & Bintu Pabra’s song “ DESI HAA JI” crossed 10 million views on YouTube.

Ndee Kundu and Bintu Pabra ‘s song desi haan ji was released two months ago on white hill Dhakaad ‘s YouTube channel.

As soon as the song was released it became a massive hit and has now finally crossed the milestone of 10 million views on YouTube. The public has been very excited about this song when they got to know that Ndee and Bintu were coming up with another song.


The song has a storyline that depicts the village life and also reminds us about the good days and the old times in the village. It shows the culture and creed of the people living in a small village. The singers feel proud to call themselves Desi because they have the love within their hearts for their motherland.


This is the reason why this video was viral and kept on trending for months.

Peddler Media congratulate the whole cast of this amazing and wonderful song “ Desi Haan Ji”. We really hope that both of the singers keep on releasing such great songs which reminds us about our culture and our country.

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