Yamunanagar’s Sugandha Rao Crowned As Miss Haryana 2021

Yamunanagar’s daughter has illuminated the name of Haryana state. South film actress and model Sugandha Rao is a resident of Vasudev Colony of Jagadhri. When Sugandha reached home with the crown of Miss Haryana, she was warmly welcomed by her family and friends.

Sugandha Rao informed that the competition was organized by Parisa Group in Greater Noida in which 20 participants from Haryana participated. In this, Sugandha Rao became the centre of attraction by wearing a peacock dress on the ramp and captured the title of Miss Haryana. Program directors Tabassum Haque and Subodh Jain honoured Sugandha Rao with the title of Haryana.

Sugandha told that the competition was held, participants from different states had come to participate in the competition. State-wise winners were to be selected from among the participants from different states. Sugandha was chosen as Miss Haryana, there were 20 people from Haryana. She told that she is an actor by profession and works in the South Film Industry.

At the same time, he said that nothing is difficult, nothing is more powerful than a woman. When a woman comes to prove herself, there is nothing difficult for her. With true hard work and dedication, anything can be achieved.

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