Brotherhood changed into war!

Miki Malang and RP Singh

Yes, you heard it right. After a huge Instagram controversy between Miki Malang and RP Singh, the dispute has started again. Theth desi Records – A Band of Brothers is a group of 15 members. RP Singh who is a rapper left the team after the dispute which took place on Instagram on 29th May.

RP Singh, who has just released his new song Mi Amour on 2nd June. He has filed a Copywrite strike on shikari’s song to clear this huge dispute Shiqaari and Aman Jangra who are the active members of the team theth desi came live on their Instagram account and said that RP Singh has gifted him the song on his birthday.

The blame game is very strong here. In their last, we saw RP Singh saying that he is the reason why the team of thet desi records is living a good life till now. The fight is getting shoot up between the artists.

After a massive hit song feeling, Sumit Goswami is back with his other single name  “Chora Gham ka”

Harry Solanki asked Swaalina to Ram Ram Ji, which become very trending.