“Saasu Alla” a great Haryanvi song by mitta Ror and Himanshi Choudhary.

Mitta Ror is a talented actor or model in Haryanvi Music Industry. He has given many hit songs such as Dafa Ho, Love you maa, Laado. He always came with very decent songs that’s he gains fame in short duration which is a great achievement for uprising artist.

A few days back the poster of the song revealed the first look of the song and the public was eagerly waiting for this song. Now, after releasing of this song it is getting lots of love from the public. Receiving such a positive response from public songs becomes more and more popular among the public.

Let’s talk a little about the song, This is a lovely and decent romantic song. This song revolves around a husband and wife story in which the wife is praising her husband for fulfilling her demands beautifully. This is a unique and beautiful concept. Moreover, the video of the song is better which explains the concept brilliantly.

This song is sung by Nonu Rana. The female artist of the song is Himanshi Choudhary. This song is written by DK Sharma Buwana and the music is given by Yo Music. This song is beautifully directed by Ameet Choudhary which makes this song more amazing and catchy. As a whole, this song will be great.

Watch Saasu Alla Here

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