Peddler Haryanvi Music Chart June 2021

Haryanvi Song are taking over YouTube and circulating around the web. The rundown goes from Dj pe Nachugi, Lamborgini, bullet, etc. However, the rundown is extremely long yet we actually present you with the main 10 superhit Song of June 2021

1. Dj pe nachugi was debuted fourteen days prior sung by Renuka Panwar under the mark AATMA MUSIC. The video of the melody circulated around the web the entirety of the web-based media destinations. Anjali R is the female substance of this song. It’s a lovely melody with a wedding setting. Do examine this song.

2.Khatri’s song Lamborghini comes at second number with 6Million+ views on YouTube. The song is still trending all over the world. Pranjal Dahiya is the co-actress, who looked really beautiful. The song was released through ‘White Hill Dhakaad’ , which is a huge music label.

3. “Bullet” by Khasa Aala Chahar crosses 6.5Milllions+ views on YouTube within a week. It’s is presented by Tammo Records. If you haven’t listen to the song, then go have a glance at it.

4. Ndee Kundu in partnership with Bintu Praba came up with their song”Desi Haan Ji” which became viral among the people especially among the youth. The song is under the banner White Hill Dhakaad. People love their collaboration and they look forward to their songs.

5.Amit Saini Rohtakiya ‘s song ‘Chand Chand’ is at 5th no. It has 4millions plus views on the video. The Fun fact about this song is that Amit released this song on his very own YouTube channel. He didn’t use any of the music labels and still got great views.

6.Iconic singer Sumit Goswami song named “Chora Gham kaa” crossed 4millions views on YouTube. He released the song under the label speed records Haryanvi. The lyrics of this song is penned down by kharti.

7. New Haryanavi music label came up with a song name ” Shehar ki Gali” by Bintu Pabra will reach 2.8 million+ on YouTube. One of the interesting facts about this song is that lyrics are written by Bintu Pabra & KP Kundu.

8. Ruchika Jangid also stands in the line of Haryanvi artists who took this industry to heights. One week ago her song ” kaali bahu” released and reached 2.5 millions+ on YouTube. Krishna Parashar & Sonika Singh were seen in this video, which gave a positive impact.

9. Uni music released the song “suit gulabi” by Ruchika Jangid. Recently the video has 29k likes on it. The views on this song are 2.3Millions + which is a huge success. If you havn’t watched the video, then go and like and share it.

10. Vijay Verma’s song ‘suit has been chosen for 10 number. This song is just a romantic melody. It has 2.3millions + views on YouTube. The number of likes is 22K. This song has really impressed everyone in the Haryanvi industry.

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