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    Peddler Haryanvi Music Chart July 2021

    Haryanvi Song is taking over YouTube and circulating around the web. The rundown goes from Tata Sumo, Pyar Mera, Naagni, etc. However, the rundown is extremely long yet we actually present you with the main 10 superhit Song of July 2021

    1. Tata Sumo by Renuka Panwar comes on the first number among all the other released songs. Pragati & Prem vats are seen together in the music video. The chemistry between the two of them is worth watching. So if you guys haven’t jam on this track, then what are you waiting for?


    2.Sumit Goswami’s song “Pyar Mera” reaches number 2. When it comes to guessing the top songs or singers, only one name comes to our mind i.e Sumit Goswami. Having emotional Beats & sounds is something that is very relatable. So what are you waiting for, just tune into this amazing performance by Sumit Goswami and thank us later.


    3. Naagni by Gulzaar Chhaniwala steals the show with this massive hit song. It is brought to you by Nav Haryanvi. Naagni has crossed 8 million-plus views. If you haven’t watched it then make this one a great success!


    4.” System” by singer Raj Mawar & Manisha breaks the record by staying at number 4 for a very long time. It has crossed 7+ million views. This is a huge thing for a singer as, within 4 weeks of release, the track gets viral on Instagram reels also.

    5. Raju punjabi ‘s song Kala Kilya Aala stays at number 5.This track is famous among people because of its unique lyrics. The entire music video is something that can be seen multiple times without getting bored. If you haven’t seen it, then you’re missing a lot.


    6. Song “Raja ji” starring Namrita Malla & Zameer Siddiqui comes at number 6. This song is one of the crazy dancing number ever. It is played in every function. People enjoy listening to it. The concept & visual effects in the video is something worth watching. So if you haven’t watched this track then just go and tune into YouTube.


    7. Khasa Aala Chahar never leaves the chance to surprise his fans. The Kde Kde music video of the track is very likeable and attractive. The song received a huge amount of attention & love from the public when it got released. So what are you waiting for? Just tune in to YouTube and jam on this track.


    8. Sapna Chaudhary‘s song “Bagdo Nachi saman me” remains at number 8. The video setting of the song is just phenomenal. This piece of art is sung by Ruchika Jangid. The music video is brought to you by Vats Records. It is one of the most famous dancing numbers & must be played track on weddings and other functions.


    9.Young Age by Billa Sonipat Aala is on number 9 on the list with 5 million + views on the video. The most interesting fact about this song is that it is fully sung, written and composed by Billa Sonipat aala. Tanu Rawat is the female lead artist in this track. It was released under the label White hill Dhakaad. If you haven’t listened to this track, then go and have a glance at it.


    Number 10 is for the song “Raule Rappte” by Sukh Deswal. The song has crossed more than 4 million views. It is presented by Nav Haryanvi Music Label. Tanuja Chauhan is paired with the singer. Their online chemistry looked good & was appreciated by many people. If you haven’t watched the music video, then go tune in to YouTube. Don’t miss watching this song!


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